COVID - 19 measures to be taken for disease control and social coordination

and actions taken

 Actions Taken

  • Minimize meetings implemented for office staff and summoning the officers to the office for service shift.

  • Aware officers using technological tools such as telephone messages, SMS, Weber and WhatsApp.
  • Implement public needs through officers who attached to the areas (Wasam) and reduce the number of people attending the office.
  • Aware general public about the disease, risk situation and measures to be taken by using loudspeakers, leaflets and minimize public gatherings.
  • Obtaining information on persons who are quarantined daily by the Medical Officer of Health
  • Getting information about families who came from outside the area (from abroad, traveling and export zones) and supervising them by the MOH office and police
  • Divide the number of families in the GramaNiladhari Division into four Field Officers including the GramaNiladhari, supervise them to iidentifying suspected coronaviruses and people from other areas and identifying needs of these families.
  • Monitor all persons who came from outside areas to village through GramaNiladhari, Police, Health Medical Officer's office and get information from the police to track the truth.
  • Inform the relevant GramaNiladhari of the changes in the places of residence between the divisions and verify the details by the police.
  • Maintaining information network at the GramaNiladhari level and collecting confidential information.
  • Home delivery the payment of disabled allowances, elderly allowances and sickness payments through the GramaNiladhari
  • Distribute  dry ration bags in collaboration with the businessmen and donors in the area.
  • Handing over of Samurdhi allowances to the houses of beneficiaries by Samurdhi Development Officer
  • Opena pharmacy at a onetime under time frame during curfew period.
  • Monitoring the  distribution of essential commodities by GramaNiladhari at area (Wasam) level.
  • Co-ordinate all Co-operatives, Sathosa, Co-op-city wholesale stores in the area and collect bulk reports once in three days and arrange necessary action by the Food Commissioner to obtain shortage items.
  • Supervisionof daily driven vegetable vehicles, bakery products, food trucks and daily commodity vehicles at the divisional level and guide them to cover up whole the division.

          Expected Measures

  • No permission to transport goods to high risk districts
  • Prepare formal way to distribute medicines through pharmacies in the area.
  • Divided Families into 25-30 groupsin the area and handing them over to Public Officers and elected Community Leaders in the GramaNiladhari Division and obtain all the biometric information and physical information of the respective families.



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Information on COVID-19

Information on COVID-19

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