Our Vision

Always forward to secure the pubilc life with a resolute start

Our Mission

Upliftment of the public life having a sustainable development through the people's collaboration by using human and physical resources effectively while the common needs of the people in the division are being fulfilled in accordance with the state and national principles. 

History of Wariyapola Divisional Secretariat

Wariyapola,Divisional Secretariat which is situated about fifteen miles away from Kurunegala-Puttlam main road can be named as an important administrative unit in North-Western province.
As it is said in the history,the place where king Ravana's vehicle (Dhadumonaraya) stopped by has been called by "Wariyapola"(Wayu+Riya+Pola) considering the historical features,it has many special features.Wariyapola is very famous due to the name of great Sumangla thero who once showed heroism of sinhalese to the world infront of westerns by lifting National flag with great valour.
Wariyapola Divisional secretariat consists of 180.69 square Km.It has fifty-six GN divisions.These 56 GN divisions have been devided into four samurdhi divisions namely Wariyapola,Awulegama,Minuwangete and Wewagedara.
Considering the location of the divisional secretariat,it is bounded by six Divisional Secretariats. North by Moho and Nikaweratiya office,By South Panduwasnuwara and Maspotha office,By West Kobeigane and by East Ganewatta office are located.
Currently, the Divisional Secretariat is administrated by Mr.D.P.C.Udaya Kumara.At present,citizens of Wariyapola are being offered the services by a staff of 320 members which is consisted of Assistant Diisional Secretariat,Accountant,Assistant Director(Planning),Administrative Officer,Administrative Officer(Grama Niladhari),Translator(01),Additional District Registar(01),Samurdhi Managers(09),Field officers(56),Developmet Officers(11), Development Co-ordinator(01),Development Officers(62),Management Assistants(32),Technical Officer(01),Technical Assistant(01),Information CommunicationTechnological Assistant(01),Grama Niladhari(48),Samurdhi Development Officers(84),Drivers(02), and Watchers(02). 
The total population of Wariyapola Divisional Secretariat is 69682 As a precentage 98.17 of Sinhalese, 0.38% of Tamils, 1.41% of Muslims and 0.02% of Burger and Males are peacefully living there. Among them the majority is Buddists of 97.31 precentage. The rest 0.36% of Hindus, 1.41% of Islamic and 0.91% of christians reside under Wariyapola Division.
The housing scheme consists of 16449 permanent residences, 1676 semi permanent residences and  274 contemperory residences. In this respecr 95016% of families in Wariyapola own personal houses.
Considering the education system 70.27% of total population has completed secondary education or higher and indicate education based employment system.
The majority of the population (40.92%) engage in Agri culture. Others,18.96 of Government officers, 17.52% of those who work in private sectors and 12.07% of people engage in self-employment, are account for the economy of Wariyapola Division.
The number of families whose income is higher than 1000.00 is nearly 7000.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
D.M.T.B.Dasanayaka 1992 1994
H.M.Sunil Padma Shantha 1994 1995
R.M.P.Bandara Rajapaksha  1995 1996
W.G.Dayananda 1997 2003
M.H.M.Riyaldeen 2003 2007
A.M.P.Arampath 2008 2014
K.M.H.S.K.Jayalath 2014 2017
D.P.C.Udaya Kumara 2017  up to date

News & Events

Sramadhana Champain 2020

Sramadhana Champain 2020

Sramadhana Champain 2020      

Information on COVID-19

Information on COVID-19

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