Strengthing Samurdhi Beneficiaries-2018

There are 04 Samurdhi Bank societies in Wariyapola Divisional Secretariat Division. It consists of 5329 Samurdhi Beneficiary Family Units and willing to strengthen 413 beneficiaries.

Accordingly,Rs. 1,720,588.00 allocated for Wariyapola Division.Out of that,allocated Rs. 214,990/- for Agriculture Programs,Rs.1,142,633/- for Industrrial Development and Rs. 362,965/- for fisharies and Livestoke.

Following projects will be planned to implement according to the current socio,environment and economic background of the area.

Planned to provide 03 mobile carts to implement sales developmet programs for 04 families,selling poridge,drinks,sell milk,sell vade and short eats,provide freezer to enhance selling fruit relatd foods and retail goods.

Expect this,special attention will be drawn too small and medium scale entreprenuers and industries.Identified machines more than 80 persons to provide for Garment Projects,Provide Scales,Refrigerators,other tools to House sales outtets under this.

So as,provide training sessions and bank loans who maintain cattle farming and field visit tp Fonterra Livestock Farm at Pannala and Ambewela.

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Sramadhana Champain 2020

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Information on COVID-19

Information on COVID-19

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